Handling Permissions

Secure your templates:  Manage permissions for optimal control and efficiency

Defining access to your templates

This page will walk you through the steps to manage and configure permissions, ensuring that only authorized users can create and manage templates within your Jira instance.

Why manage permissions?

Managing permissions is crucial for maintaining control over who can create, use, and modify issue templates. This ensures that your templates remain consistent, accurate, and secure, preventing unauthorized changes that could disrupt your workflows.

Steps to configure permissions

Navigate to the Apps section

  1. In your Jira instance, click on the Apps icon in the top navigation bar.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Manage your apps.
Manage Apps in Jira

Find Issue Templates for Jira Cloud

  1. Locate Issue Templates for Jira Cloud in the list of installed apps.
  2. Click on Permissions to open the configuration settings for the app.
Permissions management for templates in Jira

Setting up permissions

You can manage permissions for two roles:

  • Managing templates: Creating, editing, and removing templates.
  • Using templates: Creating issues from templates.

By default, all users are granted both roles. You can restrict these roles to selected groups.

Best practices for managing permissions

Limit management access

  • Restrict the ability to manage templates to a small group of trusted users or administrators. This helps maintain control over the quality and consistency of your templates.

Regularly review permissions

  • Periodically review and update the permissions to ensure that they align with any changes in team structure or project requirements.

Document permission policies

  • Clearly document your permission policies and communicate them to your team. This ensures that everyone understands who has access to what and why.

Don't see the app in the menu?

Don't worry! This means our app, Issue Templates for Jira Cloud, isn't installed in your Jira instance yet. You can install it directly from the Atlassian Marketplace, as described in the next section of this documentation.

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Handling Permissions

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