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What is a jira template?

A Jira template is essentially a predefined Jira issue, often referred to as a Jira ticket, that has been saved as a model for future issues. It comes equipped with specific properties and configurations that dictate how any new issues created from this template should behave.

What happens if I remove this Jira extension?

If you decide to uninstall this Jira extension, rest assured that all the issues previously created from templates will remain intact. These are genuine Jira issues and are stored in the same manner as any other standard Jira issues. The only functionality you will lose upon uninstallation is the ability to create new templates or generate new issues from existing templates. All other data and configurations remain unaffected.

Do you support custom fields?

Absolutely! One of the standout features of our Jira extension is its robust support for custom fields. We support a wide range of custom field formats including, but not limited to, text, date, URL, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more. This ensures that users can tailor their Jira issues precisely to their unique needs and workflows.

Can I use variables across sub-tasks or stories in Epics?

Definitely! Our Jira extension offers the capability to reuse and bind variables together, ensuring consistency across your project. This means that when a user inputs a particular value, that value can be automatically populated into sub-tasks, stories, or any nested issues within an Epic.

Can I create an issue from the dashboard?

Yes! You can easily create issues directly from the dashboard. Please refer to the provided documentation where we detail the steps on how to integrate and use the dashboard gadget to initiate issues from your chosen templates.

Do I need a dedicated project?

Not at all! Our Jira extension is designed for flexibility. You can use any Jira issue, irrespective of its originating project, as a template. This means you're free to source issues from any project within your Jira instance to craft your templates, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing workflows and processes.

Do you store personal data?

We prioritize your privacy and data security. Our Jira extension does not store any personal data. We only retain the metadata of the specific Jira issues that you use as templates, solely to enhance the user experience. Aside from that, no other data, including user information or unrelated issues, is stored on our servers. Additionally, it's worth noting that our Jira extension operates without requiring any privileged access (scope) during installation. This ensures minimal data exposure and maximum privacy for your users.

Where are the data stored?

The data pertaining to your templates is securely stored in data centers located in Frankfurt, Germany. We ensure that all data is kept safe and is managed in compliance with the highest standards of data protection and security protocols.

Don't see the app in the menu?

Don't worry! This means our app, Issue Templates for Jira Cloud, isn't installed in your Jira instance yet. You can install it directly from the Atlassian Marketplace, as described in the next section of this documentation.

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