Create Jira issues from ready templates

Say goodbye to the hassle of creating new JIRA issues from scratch. Our templating system allows you to create reusable Jira templates from existing issues, streamlining your workflows and boosting efficiency.

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How It Works

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Our Jira Templates add-on is used by all kinds of companies looking to streamline their processes and ease Jira adoption across their teams.


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Simplify your Jira workflows and streamline your processes easily.


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Multiple users

30-day free trial, free up to 10 users

Select a template

This is the main entry point for your users to create issues from ready-to-use templates.

By choosing a template, you can automatically populate the issue creation window with pre-saved information.

This saves time and reduces the need for manual data entry, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Template library screen
Populating variables in the Jira template

Use variables

Customize your issues like never before!

By defining variables in the issue content, end-users can now replace these variables during the issue creation phase.

And it’s not just one-dimensional; we provide options for formatting these variables as Free-text, Dropdowns, or even Dates.

Advanced and flexible template configuration

Introducing our Jira Addon that's built for both the novice and the expert.

If you're looking to dive right in, our default presets will have you up and running in mere seconds. However, for those who crave precision and wish to tailor their experience, the sky's the limit! You get to decide and customize every inch of how your templates behave.

For each field, you can tell whether the inputs should be taken from the template, a variable, a static value, etc.

Additionally, the addon allows for variable reuse either within the same issue or across children issues like Stories in Epics or Sub-tasks

Advanced template editor
Dashboard gadget

Create tickets from your dashboard

Our Jira add-on includes a dashboard gadget that allows users to access the issue creation screen immediately upon launching their Jira instance.

Integrating this gadget into your users' dashboards enhances their user experience and streamlines their workflow.

The gadget also allows you to prefill the issue creation screen.

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