An exclusive preview of upcoming features in Jira Templates


Jira, the popular project management tool by Atlassian, has been the go-to solution for teams worldwide to track, manage, and streamline their work. The Jira Templates app is an invaluable add-on that provides users with the ability to create templates for various Jira entities, making it easier to manage repetitive tasks, standardize processes, and enhance overall productivity. We have been continuously working on improving and extending the functionalities of the Jira Templates app to provide our users with a more comprehensive and efficient experience. Today, we are excited to give you an exclusive preview of some major updates that are coming soon to Jira Templates. These updates will revolutionize the way you create and manage templates in Jira.

Completely Revamped Template Creation Screen

The first major update is the complete overhaul of the template creation screen. We have redesigned it to be much more detailed and intuitive, providing a per-field configuration option. This means that you will now have the ability to configure each field in the template individually, giving you more control and flexibility over the template creation process. You can specify default values, make fields mandatory or optional, and even add validation rules. This enhancement will make it much easier to create templates that perfectly suit your team's needs and workflow.

Variable Support

Another significant update is the addition of variable support. You will now be able to add variables in your issues and prompt the user for content. For example, you can add a variable for the 'Assignee' field in the template, and when a user creates an issue using that template, they will be prompted to enter the assignee. This feature will help in making the templates more dynamic and user-friendly, as it allows for real-time customization of issues based on the user's input.

Reusing Variables Across Issues and Child Issues

We are also introducing the ability to reuse variables across issues and child issues. This means that once a variable is defined in a parent issue, it can be reused in its child issues without having to redefine it. This feature will be particularly useful for teams that work with complex issue hierarchies and need to maintain consistency across related issues.

Complex Issue Hierarchy with Sub-tasks

Creating a complex issue hierarchy with sub-tasks has never been easier. With the upcoming update, you will be able to create templates for parent issues along with their associated sub-tasks. This will help in maintaining a structured and organized issue hierarchy, making it easier to manage and track related tasks.


These are just a few of the major updates that are coming soon to Jira Templates. We are confident that these enhancements will greatly improve the way you create and manage templates in Jira, ultimately helping your team to be more productive and efficient. Stay tuned for more updates and feature announcements in the near future. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to bringing you even more exciting features and improvements in Jira Templates.

Note: This is a preview of upcoming features and functionalities. The final release may include additional features or modifications to the ones mentioned above.

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